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New graphics which created by SavgrafDESIGNER'S NEWS

Friendly logo for
Pictru Project

Was created logo for new version of Pict.ru web-site.

SuperVisor had
new look

I have created design for Server Super Visor web-site.

Most popular pictures

vector football team color pictures by Savgraf
choose illustrations vector illustration

Preview of most popular pictures from differents collections.

graphics for interfaces
news about design and illustrationsFOR INTERFACES:

icons for interfaces

WAPT project needed a new toolbar icons

Was finished new kit of icons for WAPT PRO interface.

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Design for Skarlett Hairdress Studio

Design of web site for russian hairdressing salon 'Skarlett'.

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Design for WinReminder's website

Web site for useful software by SoftLogica's developers.

Also was created the Logo and graphics for promotion.

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Design for Roi's Auto

Created design for autoservice company "Roi's Auto".

Was created graphics for elements and many illustrations for internal pages.

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Design for RTH Consulting

Design of web-site for american consulting company.
Used of original corporate logo.
Design includes a visual elements of Home page, all pages and some processed photos.

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Design for WSOP

Site for special testing program designed for website load time optimizations.
Design includes icons, a visual elements of Home page, all pages and some addition graphics for advertising.

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Design for FallonConsultants

Site for a financialconsulting company that specializes in using open source technology to reduce the time and cost necessary to deliver publishing solutions.

Design for Tech Novosoft

Site for a Novosoft research development company, specializes in development innovative emerging products and technologies for different business.

Short comics about millionaire's thinking style

Pictures for create schemes
vectors picturesSchemes for webpages

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